Jamila Ama is an up and coming fashion and commercial model based out of the Twin Cities. Originally from south Minneapolis, she could often be found playing dress up in her mother’s makeup and high heel shoes while striking a pose for the camera. She later attended Barbizon Modeling School at the age of thirteen were she crafted her identity as a model and honed her skills. Learning theses skills fueled her passion even more, she began booking fashion shows immediately after her modeling school graduation. 


During high school, Jamila shifted her focus to school and basketball. Her hard work paid off, Jamila was accepted to Howard University in Washington, DC, her first choice. After graduating from Howard University, magna cum laude with a degree in Cultural Communications and Sociology, she decided to attend law school at the University of Georgia. During law school, Jamila felt that something was missing. She decided to revisit her passion for modeling and began building her portfolio by collaborating with photographers in Athens and Atlanta, GA. After graduating from law school, she returned to Minneapolis and submitted photos to a modeling agency. Before she knew it, she was modeling for brands such as Nike, Best Buy, Mizani, and Aveda. 


Jamila now works as a full-time judicial law clerk at the Hennepin County Family Justice Center, handling domestic abuse cases, as well as child custody cases were there have been serious allegations of sexual and physical abuse. She also models part-time, fulfilling her childhood inclination for creating beautiful images. She is in the process of becoming an attorney and has recently finished law school.


“For many years, I was unaware of my ability to have achieve success in juxtaposing areas that would allow me to express my creativity, femininity, intelligence, wisdom and grace. I now understand that I am a multi-faced human-being, we all are!”

Jamila Ama

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